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For many of us, balconies are spaces where we start our days with a cup of tea or coffee or where we unwind at the end of a hectic day. Catching the sunrise or sunset, or even spending the day in the comfortable nook of your balcony can never get boring. Check out these balcony decoration ideas to make this space inviting!

Lay Out A Coffee Table

The only basics that you need to enjoy your morning tea or coffee on your balcony is a cool coffee table and chair. Sometimes, comfortable seating is all that your balcony needs.

Balcony decoration where only basics that you need to enjoy your morning tea or coffee are there with house balcony decoration

Install A Bench In Your Balcony

For small balcony decoration ideas, a bench serves the dual purpose of taking care of seating arrangements as well as using the space wisely. In the right kind of set up, benches are a great option to spruce up your balcony.

Balcony decoration ideas where a bench serves the dual purpose of taking care of seating arrangements for balcony decoration with lights

Build A Green Wall For Balcony Decoration

Green is always in! Vertical gardens are visually appealing and please the soul too! A green wall is your best bet when the floor space in your balcony is limited.

Small balcony decoration ideas where vertical gardens are visually appealing and please the soul too with balcony decor diy

Get Down On The Floor With This Balcony Decoration Idea

Seating arrangements do not always have to be about tables and chairs. A floor seating arrangement with the help of poufs or large cushions can make your balcony a great place to unwind.

Balcony decor items for your home where seating arrangements do not always have to be about tables and chairs with open balcony decoration ideas

Say It With Shelves With This Small Balcony Decoration Idea

A spare wall means more storage space. Decorate your balcony walls with floating shelves that can be used to display décor items or to store everyday essentials like gardening equipment or more.

Balcony decoration ideas india a spare wall means more storage space to decorate your balcony

Dine Out

Whether you have a small or swanky outdoor space, you can easily turn it into an outdoor dining space. Setting up a dining table on the balcony will not only ensure that everyday meals are looked forward to more than ever, in case of bigger balconies it’s also a great arrangement for having some guests over.

Balcony wall decor where you can easily turn it into an outdoor dining space for balcony decoration pictures

Swing It!

Let’s admit it, having a personal swing or a hammock is on each one of our must-have lists! Install one to give your balcony a vacation-like vibe. Swing low or swing high, either way it’s a great way to shake off the week!

Balcony decoration ideas with plants for your home where having a personal swing or a hammock is on each one of our outdoor balcony decor

Some Simple Folding Furniture For Your Balcony

Fit for a small balcony decoration, folding furniture can free up extra space for you as and when you need it. Decorate your balconies with convertible furniture to get the most out of a small space.

Diy balcony decor for your home where folding furniture can free up extra space for you as and when you need it for decorating a balcony on a budget

Keep The Outdoors Bright And Sunny With This Balcony Wall Decor

Fill up your balcony space with bright and colourful patio furniture. You can also opt for bright rugs and pillows for your furniture to turn this area into a cheerful corner of your home.

Home balcony decoration where you can also opt for bright rugs and pillows for your furniture to decorate balcony with lights

A Flower Garden For Balcony Wall Decor

Even the smallest of balconies can accommodate a pretty little flower garden. Invest in some cool planters and let your balcony garden blossom!

Balcony decoration images for your home where even the smallest of balconies can accommodate a pretty little flower garden for condo balcony decor

Vegetable Garden

Cultivating your own little vegetable patch on your balcony is one of the most satisfying experiences ever. Use that outdoor space to grow your own vegetable garden.

Balcony wall decoration ideas where you can cultivate your own little vegetable patch on your big balcony decoration

A Reading Nook Is Always A Pleasure

This one is for the ardent readers. A great idea for balcony decoration is to convert the space into a designated reading corner. Grab a book, put your feet up and immerse yourself in your favourite book.

Small balcony decorating ideas on a budget where great idea for balcony decoration is a designated reading corner which teaches you ways to decorate balcony

Place A Sofa In Your Balcony

A cosy little couch to be able to sit back and unwind works well even in small balconies. A nice sofa to relax on and a room with a view, what more do you need!

Balcony decor idea which opens out to a great view of the city with making it a great balcony


Enhance The View

If your balcony opens out to a great view of the city, you can add to its beauty by designing this space with glass railings. Also keep the furniture and other décor minimalistic. This creates an optimal setting to enjoy the brilliant view outside.

Balcony lighting decorating ideas for a cosy little couch to be able to sit back and unwind works well in a long narrow balcony

A Mini Room With A View

One really cool idea for you balcony decoration is to convert it into a cute little living space. This idea works well with slightly enclosed structures that can be transformed into nice a nice room with a view. Use this to read, work from home or for your kids to enjoy time with their friends.

Apartment balcony decorating ideas to convert it into a cute little living space with balcony decor online

Bring Home The Greens

There are few things that give the kind of satisfaction akin to walking barefoot on lush green grass. Bring a bit of that home with artificial turf on your balcony. You’ll feel like you’re living on an island enjoying the sunshine and clear blue skies!

Apartment balcony decor where you’ll feel like you're living on an island enjoying the sunshine with a simple balcony decoration

Turn Your Balcony Into A Workstation

If you work out of home, why not add a little bit of fresh air to that routine? Set up a table and chair, throw in a bit of green and your balcony is the perfect change of scene for you to work out of!

Flat balcony decoration where you add a little bit of fresh air to that routine for wall decor for balcony

The Party Spot

Having guests over for fun Friday nights is bound to get interesting with an amazing outdoor party setup. Decorate your balcony with comfortable seating, small trays and stools and get that party started!

Apartment balcony decorating ideas pictures where having guests over for fun Friday nights is bound to get interesting for open balcony decoration

Fairy Lights All The Way

If you are looking for some DIY balcony décor options, lights, more specifically fairy lights are the way to go. They are a fail-safe way to deck up your balcony and are bound to add a cosy vibe to your space.

Balcony decoration where more specifically fairy lights are the way to go for balcony decoration lights

Bring Out The Barbecue

Perfect for a little outdoor fun, especially in winters, your balcony can double up as a fun barbecue place when people are over. Let those cookouts begin!

Balcony decoration ideas for a little outdoor fun, especially in winters for balcony decoration ideas india

How would you like to decorate your balcony space? Let us know in the comments below!

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All You Need To Know About Vinyl Wall Decals For Your Home https://homedecorxpress.com/2021/10/03/all-you-need-to-know-about-vinyl-wall-decals-for-your-home/ https://homedecorxpress.com/2021/10/03/all-you-need-to-know-about-vinyl-wall-decals-for-your-home/#respond Sun, 03 Oct 2021 12:06:54 +0000 https://homedecorxpress.com/?p=56351 Vinyl wall decals can instantly transform any wall in your home from drab to fab

Feel like giving your room a makeover without making any major changes? Vinyl wall decals are the decor solution you’re looking for. It’s exactly for this reason that vinyl wall decals continue to remain a popular decor choice. They are the quickest way to modify the look and feel of a room without making any major investments or permanent changes. Changing the wall paint of a room takes a lot of time and usually requires homeowners to not occupy the space while the work is going on. Wallpaper too is a more permanent change. Compared to these, vinyl wall decals are a quick upgrade that can easily turn into a DIY project for you. Since it’s not a permanent change, they are also popular with renters to personalise the space without attracting their landlord’s ire. This is a guide on everything you need to know about vinyl wall decals.

Which Is The Best Design For Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals?

Apart from being a quick and easy way to modify a wall, the other advantage of vinyl wall decals is the countless designs in which they are available. The sky is actually the limit when it comes to vinyl wall decals. They are available in whatever shape, size and design you can imagine. You can either buy ready-made designs that are available in the market or place an order for customised vinyl wall decals to better reflect your interests and hobbies.

The bedroom has a modern vinyl wall art decal inspired by sport to reflect interests and hobbies.

Are Vinyl Wall Decals Quotes A Good Idea?

The design library of vinyl wall decals is endless. You will find geometric shapes, abstract and floral designs, logos and typography from pop culture. Vinyl wall decals quotes are some of the most popular choices. If you have a favourite quote or some motivational words that you would like to display on your wall, vinyl wall decals quotes are your best bet.

A bedroom with vinyl wall decal quotes turns a space into inspiration and is your best bet.

Which Is The Best Room For Decorative Vinyl Wall Decals?

Vinyl wall decals are friendly with any smooth surface. While they may have ‘wall’ in the name, you can also apply them to the ceiling. Some people may apply them on glass, tiles, windows or mirrors. As for where in the house you should apply the vinyl wall decals, that’s entirely up to you. They look great in any room of the house, be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. Any space that you would like to personalise or elevate with a touch of design.

A large vinyl wall decal in the living cum dining area adds character and looks great in any room.

How To Pick The Right Space For Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals?

A blank wall is an inviting canvas for vinyl wall decals. You can also use the empty space on walls around your existing furniture and light fixtures. Before you go shopping or ordering your vinyl wall decals, make sure you have decided where you will apply it since that will play into determining the kind of design you should get. For example, if you’re going to apply it above a piece of furniture, you can get a design that looks like it’s shooting out of the object. It’s a great way for the vinyl wall decals to blend in with the rest of the room.

The bedroom has a white tree vinyl wall decal and blends well with the rest of the room.

How To Apply Wall Vinyl Decals?

Unlike stickers that you simply peel and stick, vinyl wall decals are transferred to the surface you want to apply them on. To familiarise you with vinyl wall decals, it has three parts – a backing paper, the vinyl itself with the design and a transfer layer. Applying vinyl wall decals can be a fun DIY project that you can engage in on a free afternoon or weekend. All you need is some patience and steady hands. Make sure you clean the surface well before applying to ensure there is no dust or debris on the wall.

Vinyl wall art decal in a geometric design in the bedroom lends an aesthetic look and adds fun.

Questions like: “Are vinyl wall decals removable?” and “Are vinyl wall decals reusable?” are some of the other frequently asked questions. Vinyl wall decals are certainly removable – it’s one of the features that make them so popular and favoured for home decor. They are easy to remove and in case you face some difficulty, you can simply use a hairdryer on a low temperature setting to melt the adhesive slightly which will make it easier to remove. Not all vinyl decals are reusable but you can get them custom-made to be reusable.

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Drink In Style: Home Bar Cabinet Designs For Your Home https://homedecorxpress.com/2021/10/03/drink-in-style-home-bar-cabinet-designs-for-your-home/ https://homedecorxpress.com/2021/10/03/drink-in-style-home-bar-cabinet-designs-for-your-home/#respond Sun, 03 Oct 2021 12:06:08 +0000 https://homedecorxpress.com/?p=56348 It is a known fact that well-stored liquor gives you the best of its taste. If you love your alcohol but are a wee bit lost on storage options, don’t miss out this list. 

Toast to the ones here today

Toast to the ones that we lost on the way

Because the drinks bring back all the memories

And the memories bring back, memories bring back you 

I’m sure you have hummed this song a million times already. For those who need its acquaintance it’s a song by Maroon 5.

We all drink to celebrate and sometimes to let go, but for a drink to be worthy of its brand, it needs to be stored just right. We at Design Cafe have come up with home bar cabinet designs. Check it out.

Drink Up, Buttercup! There’s A Bar Cabinet Right Beside You

Time to pour yourself a drink put on some perfume and pull yourself together! Are you the kind of person who loves a sip of an alcoholic beverage when you’re happy or sad, but hate getting out of your comfort zone? Does even a walk to the kitchen feel like a tedious job? Well we have some good news! We have a feeling that this corner bar cabinet will suit you well. In a living room with African handicraft masks on one side and a gorgeous floral wallpaper on the other at the corner sits an antique wooden home bar cabinet.. This home bar cabinet has a wine rack on one side, open shelves on the other. With glass sliding doors to keep your liquor secure this bar cabinet provides ample storage options not just for your bottles but also for your glasses. You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?

Secure your liquor with this corner bar cabinet for home that provides ample storage.

Peek A Boo! I Don’t See You!

Time to blur out your booze. You all know that too much alcohol consumption is bad for health. You also know your limits, but sometimes a bottle of rum is sitting out on your shelf visible to your naked eye and smack! Before you know it you got your hands tightly wrapped around its neck! True story, eh? Well voila, we have an idea and that’s to blur your booze out. This type of bar cabinet design is made to fit into your crockery unit. This home bar cabinet is made from a glass material that gives a blurred finish. Which means your booze is visible yet not so visible. This bar cabinet fits in well in a minimalistic styled kitchen as it doesn’t take too much space.

Home bar cabinet fits in well in a minimalistic styled kitchen as it doesn't take too much space.

Old Is Gold With This Home Bar Cabinet Design

The older it gets, the better it tastes, you have guessed it right. I’m talking about liquid sunshine in a glass or whisky. Is it too late to stop sharing your whisky? Have your friends already identified your home bar cabinet? Do they swing by every week for a quick one on the rocks? Hang on don’t be so sad hold your horses we have a quick fix. Listen up all you whisky possessive people why not hide the best whisky beside the bar cabinet and the rest on display? Smart isn’t it? This modern bar cabinet is a combination of tall, small, open and closed. Attached to the tall open cabinet with shelves for all bottles comes a lower bar cabinet to hide your favourites away. This aqua blue combo bar cabinet is a perfect modern bar cabinet design for all homes.

Old is gold with Aqua blue combo bar cabinet is a perfect modern bar cabinet design for homes.

To Love Laughter And Wine

In this modern living against a grey wall stood a grey home bar cabinet waiting for wine o’clock. All you ladies out there who love to drink wine Netflix and chill this home bar cabinet design is something you will really want in your living room. This bar cabinet comes with multiple storage options. It has a wine cooling unit on one side and open shelves on the other to make storage easy. Time to get your girls together in the name of wine! Chop chop now, what are you waiting for?

Modern bar cabinets for home

Stand Tall Or Baby Don’t Stand At All!

“What are you doing up there?” “Getting high,” said the tall bar cabinet.

Fancy a tall home bar cabinet made of wood to give your space a rustic touch? Ahem, we think this might be just what you’re looking for. This tall bar cabinet is enclosed within a pantry with lots of space to store all your wine whisky rum and more. With shelves and bottle holders in a zig-zag and square pattern, we think this home bar cabinet has a creative kick to it.

Tall home bar cabinet enclosed within a pantry with lots of space to store all your wine whisky rum and more.

This was Designs Cafe’s take on home bar cabinet designs for your home. Your precious liquor has a stylish place to be displayed now. Do you have a different take? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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